About Kenny


Kenny is a registered physiotherapist in Hong Kong with more than 10 years clinical experiences. He was born in Hong Kong and trained in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. He worked with the national sports team (Orienteering) and the educational committee for the Association in Hong Kong. He completed his master training in University of Otago for Manipulative Physiotherapy with his research on clinical pilates which focusing of analyze movement pattern for patient. His publication and presentation can be found from his website: http://www.kennyyuphysio.com 

Kenny trained for acupuncture with the study of traditional Chinese medicine straight after graduation and that’s how he started with cupping therapy, while intergraded the east meet west approach. With the inspiration from the doctor in china and modification of the therapeutic cup now the application for the silicon cup to the body, Kenny intergrade the east meet west approach and will help us to unmask the therapeutic secret of Chinese traditional cupping therapy and apply it to deal with the tricky and complex musculoskeletal and fascia system.



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