About The Course

1.To develop a better understanding and knowledge of traditional and modern cupping therapy.

Silicon Cup2. To Develop a greater understanding and knowledge of different sizes, direction of forces and application regions with modern cup when targeting tissue tightness.

3.To develop a comprehensive subjective and physical evaluation strategy for soft tissue that considers local and referred sources of pain and directs the clinician to develop an appropriate management plan by the use MCM.

4.To develop greater confidence with the physical assessment of the soft tissue tightness in both local and regional prospective.

5.To develop greater competency in the management of patients with a variety of common pathologies including; frozen shoulder, lateral epicondylitis, de quervain Syndrome; non-specific low back pain, gluteal tendopathy, patellofemoral joint pain, Iliotibial band syndrome, achilli-tendonsis, plantar fasciitis, etc. (Example in video 1).

6.To review the research evidence evaluating the use of traditional and modern cupping method.

7.To develop a greater confidence in the use of exercise therapy, manual therapy and self care advice by intergrade MCM into your existing tool box. (Example Video 2)


If you are interested to Host a course, Check out: Modern_Cupping_Method_Workshop_Flyer


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